Traditionally, in order for the doctor to view and asses damage below the gum line required aggressive surgery. However, with Perioscopy, the doctor is able to view the areas below the gum line without the discomfort of gum surgery. Perioscopy features a miniaturized digital video camera that transmits video, lighting, and magnified images to a computer screen where they can be analyzed. For the first time, our office is able to view magnified details of tooth anatomy below the gumline in a minimally invasive, comfortable way.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Perioscopy

1. How does the endoscope work?
A miniaturized camera is attached to the end of a probe and gently placed below the gumline. The images the camera receives are then transmitted to a chairside video screen. The dental endoscope provides up to 48 times magnification, making detection and treatment planning easier and more efficient. 

2. What are the advantages of Perioscopy?
Previously, your doctor would need to perform invasive surgery in order to diagnose and treat disease below the gumline. This surgery required the cutting and peeling back of the gums and weeks of recovery time. With a dental endoscope, your doctor is now able to detect disease and defects that would have previously gone undetected, all without a scalpel or sutures!

3. Is Perioscopy right for me?
If you have pockets that are 5mm deep or more, you may be a candidate for Perioscopy. Call our office today to discuss if you are a candidate!

4. Will Perioscopy help me avoid surgery?
In some cases, early detection through perioscopy will allow you to avoid gum surgery. 

5. How long does the procedure take?
Perioscopy appointments tend to take longer than a general periodontal maintenance appointment. Call our office to discuss your appointment.

6. Is the procedure expensive?
Perioscopy treatments are generally less expensive than traditional surgery. Many patients report that perioscopy saved them money and time.

7. Is Perioscopy painful?
There is generally very little discomfort or pain during the procedure. Speak with your doctor about your concerns and steps you can take to ensure your comfort.

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