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"Dr. Susan Nguyen was exceptional gently, knowledgeable and highly skilled. Excellent chair side manner! My general dentist highly recommend her and I'm glad that I went there. According to my dentist, my soft tissue graft and implant were "perfect". If I need any more gum surgery (hopefully not), she's my go-to periodontist. The staffs are excellent..so friendly and helpful."

"At Dr. Susan Nguyen's office I have received dental and periodontal exams, cleanings, dental-implants, bone-grafts, and nasal-passage lifts. At each stage of care, from office personnel who schedule appointments and handle my insurance, dental hygenists who perform cleanings, all of the support-staff who perform a plethora of duties, to intricate implant procedures performed by Dr. Nguyen---I have received the highest level of gentle, professional and caring service. Instructions for post-procedure care are clearly given--both written and verbally. There is also 24 hour phone access to Dr. Nguyen herself after surgical procedures. Additional factors which make me even more confident in Dr. Nguyen and her team are their superbly effiencient level of communication--both with each other and with their patients. I do not trust easily, but I trust Dr. Nguyen implicitly because I know she genuinely cares about the quality of her work. And that high level of performance-ethic is reflected within every member of Dr. Nguyen's team and in every phase of care.

About Hygienist: Dr. Nguyen's dental hygenist/s are gentle, thorough (stains removed!), and informative about my self-hygenic dental care. I have received helpful tips on flossing, more efficient brushes to use, and how to use them more effectively. My teeth are always noticably whiter after a cleaning at this office!"

"Excellent, thorough, and efficient. She is very friendly, and did a good job on my gums."

"She's was incredibly gentle, warm, thorough, and excellent clinician."

"I was refered to CV Periodonics by my dentist. On my first visit I knew I was in a good place and working with good people. My teeth were in bad shape so I ended up needing LANAP treatments, not something I was looking forward to but Dr Nguyen did a great job and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. After my LANAP and 2 cleanings my gums and teeth are in so much better shape. On our first visit I was in danger of losing 2 or 3 teeth, now I get to keep my teeth and I have even had bone growth in almost all areas. When Dr Ngugen was sharing with me about my teeth, she was even more excited than I was. She really does care....

Now their Office Staff.... I am not sure how they managed to get such awesome people in this office but I do so enjoy the Staff. They have great attitudes and they will move mountains to help make life easier. After my last appointment they even set up my next cleaning at my dentist and then my next cleaning with them. I wish they were a 1 stop shop, I would go no where else."

"I was referred to Dr. Nguyen a few years ago by my dentist and would not go ANYWHERE else! She has performed various procedures on me, the last one being the CHAO PINHOLE PROCEDURE. Although the normal recovery time for this procedure is 6 weeks I had very little pain, swelling or discomfort. Dr. Nguyen has always explained in detail the issue at hand, the options I had to repair the problem and also her professional recommendations for my personal case. She has ALWAYS been friendly, courteous and professional. Dr. Nguyen's staff as well is always friendly, cheerful, pleasant, caring and professional. They go the extra mile and even contact my dentist to coordinate future dental care for me, you don't get that patient care ANYWHERE else!! Kudos to Dr. Nguyen and her staff, you always show great patient care and professionalism. May your business continue to grow and prosper. Will definitely always refer her to anyone needing a periodontist. Thank You Dr. Nguyen and staff for being so professional and caring!"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen for several years and have nothing but praise for her consistent quality of care. As a healthcare professional, I have an acute awareness of proper techniques and I have observed a very high standard of care in her practice. It is very desirable to have a practitioner that pays attention to every detail of your care. Dr. Nguyen is a perfectionist in all she does. I like that in a provider. She also demands that of the staff that works with her. I love the aftercare calls that she makes to see how I am doing. I have had numerous implants coordinated with her and my general dentist, Dr. Vi Lau, and I am so pleased at the way they communicate on my behalf to get my services done in the most efficient and expeditious manner. Everyone in her office is so professional and considerate. They have made time for me when I had an emergent need and for that I am grateful. I can't imagine going anywhere else."

"I'm a new patient of Dr. Nguyen. I have had historic dental and periodontal challenges, and never have any of my previous periodontists been as clear and comprehensive about my condition as she was: the good, the bad, and the "ugly" .My condition required immediate attention and Dr Nguyen and staff responded immediately and in the most professional manner - to the degree that I have renewed confidence that my periodontal disease can be effectively managed."

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